Radiophrenia Teaser soundscape

This Friday the 9th of September, Radiophrenia, Glasgow's sound art radio station, will broadcast an hour long soundscape featuring sounds and mysterious words from beyond the walls of Akiha Den Den. 

Simon has conjured up a dark dronescape using an array of vintage and not so vintage synthesisers, including the EMS Synthi. Oberheim 4 Voice, Roland System 100 and Buchla 200e modular synthesiser. 

Listen at 4.30 PM this Friday 9th September (repeated Sunday 11th September at 9AM). 

87.9 FM in the Glasgow area or

The first episode of Akiha Den Den launches on the 15th of September. 

Cameron Mowat to play Monorail Pilot

With theatre credits including Sunset Song and The Silver Darlings in both his home city of Aberdeen and with Dundee Rep, CAMERON MOWAT brings a fresh voice to His Gills, the pilot of the abandoned amusement park's rusted old monorail. Cameron will be joining the rest of the cast which, if you missed the news, will feature...


Mark Little

Another Olivier Award-winner joins us – actor and comedian MARK LITTLE will be Gabriel Augusto Gil, who is Peri's confidante at the Cantina of Lost Souls. Mark's highly- regarded work has included his one-man play Defending The Caveman, the role of Rupert Guinness in the Lance Armstrong biopic Icon directed by Stephen Frears – and who could forget his portrayal of another icon: Joe Mangel in Neighbours.

Wendy Rae Fowler joins cast

We're thrilled to have been working this week with singer-songwriter and actress WENDY RAE FOWLER – bringing an incredible voice to Macrell, the lone figure in her observatory who soaks in all your voices, your stories, first words, final words... Wendy has featured as vocalist with bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age and recorded an album under the name We Fell to Earth with Rich File from UNKLE.  Together, they composed the theme tune to the Danish TV series The Killing. Wendy is currently putting the finishing touches to her solo album. 



Ian McDiarmid (“Star Wars” - Darth Sidious) and Joy McAvoy (“Filth”, and Ken Loach's “The Angel's Share”) head the cast in Akiha Den Den, as beleaguered radio ham Mr Cuttings and Peri – whose voice mysteriously reaches us from the abandoned amusement park.
Also introducing actor / musician Ewan Petrie as joyriding gillravager Glender. More casting news soming soon...