Electronic Sound Magazine - Radiophonics

Truly inventive and exploratory sound” - Electronic Sound Magazine 
We were delighted to discover Akiha is the focus of a fascinating article in Electronic Sound magazine by renowned composer and sound artist Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner). In an appreciation of experimental radiophonics that discusses everyone from Brian Eno, Holger Czukay and John Cage to Samuel Beckett, he notes that in Akiha “...refreshingly, the sound design takes equal billing with the voice, frequently submerging and corroding the voices beyond all recognition, as if burning the meaning of the words in a sonic inferno.” It's hugely rewarding that Scanner has placed the series in the context of experimental sound and words – Akiha's true origins – and that this has uncovered “fresh possibilities for storytelling... They offer up an immersive world for the listeners to lose themselves in a most alluring fashion. Free of the screen, let your ears roam around this imaginary world and let the sound take you into a lost world of fact and fiction, balancing on the borderlands of illusion and reality.”